Capa - Agribusiness


Our team advises companies dedicated to agribusiness across a wide variety of segments, such as seed development, production and purchase of agricultural inputs, cultivation, transport, distribution, and relationship with the end user. Given the extremely technical nature of agribusiness and its specificities, our team adopts a business model that maintains a frequent interface with the company in order to understand its business and act strategically and assertively.

Capa - Automotive


Our team has in its ranks a cell specialized in advising vehicle manufacturers, especially in claims involving product defects and failure to provide services. The team’s work includes not only legal representation, but also preventive action in order to avoid litigation, structuring specific agreement policies for each company, in addition to effective action in recall procedures and discussions involving dealer networks and the “Ferrari Act” (“Lei Ferrari”).


Capa - Aviation


Our specialized team has vast experience in advising the main Brazilian and international companies in the industry. Constantly engaged in the current challenges faced by the industry, we provide advice to our clients across their entire range of legal needs, especially in legal and/or administrative disputes involving air transport of cargo and passengers that are in progress before all Brazilian courts and other regulatory bodies and agencies, such as ANAC, ANVISA, DECEA, PROCON, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, our team, with its comprehensive understanding of the market and ability to take on a broad range of demands, has extensive experience in consulting matters, drafting and reviewing agreements and opinions, as well as assistance in regulatory matters.

Capa - Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

We advise clients whose economic activities are related to financial services and payments in general. With extensive experience in the area, our team of lawyers aims to understand, adapt, and structure the modeling of their clients’ operations, either internally or with regulatory bodies and the Judiciary Branch, helping companies in regulatory matters within the Brazilian Financial System as well as in the definition and alignment of individual strategies for each specific case.

Capa - Energy


Our team is fully aware of the discussions arising from the activities of generation, distribution, trade, and transmission of energy, enabling the representation of clients in the most diverse types of litigation with regulatory bodies, administrative and judicial authorities, as well as advice and consultancy aimed at risk management, analysis of agreements and publications, obtaining and organizing documents for qualification in auctions and contractual structuring.

Capa - Pharmaceutical


Our firm holds in its ranks professionals dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, on matters that involve strategic action of both a consultative and litigious nature, with nearly two decades of experience in this segment. The team’s work includes not only legal representation in judicial and administrative litigations, but also preventive actions in order to avoid litigation and/or to resolve the issue extrajudicially. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we advise our clients on their entire range of legal needs.

Capa - Health, Insurance and Social Security

Health, Insurance and Social Security

We represent renowned multinational companies in this segment not only in the civil sphere, but also in private pension plans and insurance law. We work with the objective of individually evaluating the needs of our clients in order to ensure agility and effective measures, as well as optimizing the company’s operations.

Capa - Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

The firm’s activities in this area ranges from advising clients in the extrajudicial negotiation phase, right to the effective follow-up of lawsuits. Our team is able to carry out the financial risk analysis of claims, provisioning of amounts, in addition to having specialized technology for asset research on behalf of debtors, in order to ensure the recovery of credit in favor of the company.

Capa - Real Estate

Real Estate

Our specialist team has extensive experience in the real estate market, advising clients on the most diverse administrative and legal matters. With multidisciplinary work and the assistance of highly specialized technical professionals, we provide all types of legal services related to claims involving real estate agreements, property rights, real estate collateral, property purchase and sale, residential and commercial leases, regularization of urban and rural properties with the competent registries and bodies, as well as other related matters.

Capa - Retail and Consumer Goods

Retail and Consumer Goods

Our team has extensive experience in the retail and consumer goods market, providing strategic consultative and litigious advice to clients, which involves not only representation in administrative procedures and legal proceedings, but also the presentation of intelligent solutions in the review process of various types of agreements, the study and development of arguments in line with current case law understandings, acting in negotiations with clients and/or suppliers, diagnosing possible contingencies and offering preventive solutions and customized training, according to the needs of each company.

Capa - Technology and E-commerce

Technology and E-commerce

Our firm has a team of lawyers specialized in technology that, given the advance of e-commerce and legislative innovations in recent years, provides advice to its clients on both day-to-day and strategic issues, ranging from administrative and judicial procedures related to consumer law to the analysis of legal aspects related to marketplace platforms, the study and presentation of measures to adapt companies to the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD), as well as working actively alongside companies to identify and suggest improvements in possible vulnerabilities in internal flows.